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                                                                                     "Where Show Dogs Become Family"



High Winds is proud to present our show dogs!!!  As well as being great family members, our dogs consistently excel in the conformation ring and performance venues.   


As always, we continue to breed for temperament and quality, not quantity.  All of our puppies are raised with our family.  Socialized daily with our children, and nurtured in a healthy, vibrant household.  As they grow they are introduced to various activities such as car rides, outdoors (weather permitting), tunnels, slides, and other things that will stimulate them for future growth and temperament.


Many of our families come to us just wanting a family pet, but sometimes when the family situation is correct for a show puppy, a whole new world opens up that they did not know was available to them.  Our show families find that they get a wonderful family pet plus a whole lot more.  Many of the families find that they enjoy other venues such as junior handling with their kids, agility, obedience, water work, tracking, or work in hospitals as a therapy dog.


Some of the many awards we have produced are....


          *Award of Merit

           *Register of Merit

           *Top 10 Producer of Champions

           *Top 10 All Breed (#4)

           *Top 20 in Breed (#12)


We are very proud of our beautiful loving dogs.  Please feel free to contact us to visit and meet our dogs or answer any questions.





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